Heal yourself with your food instead of your medicine cabinet

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(PIX11) — Why turn to your medicine cabinet when you can heal yourself with food? “Woman’s Day” magazine health director Abigail Cuffey stopped by with some health-boosting snacks that put medicine to the test.

Olive Oil

• Rich component called oleocanthal speeds muscle repair

• Consuming 3 ½ Tbsp of oil is equal to 10% of standard ibuprofen

• Just add to salad or steamed veggies for a quick muscle boost!


• This water-rich fruit is great for getting rid of headaches

•Helps you staying hydrated and transports key nutrients to the brain

•The natural sugar also fuels brain cells and increases alertness

•Cut into cubes and add to a glass of water for a fun headache fix.


•Contains bromelain, a compound that calms skin inflammation from a bruise

•Eat a cup and a half of pineapple chunks with water to speed healing

Cherry Juice

•Tart cherries contain melatonin, a sleep-promoting compound

•According to a study, people who drank cherry juice daily slept better than those who didn’t

•Drink at any time of the day or add to a 6 o.z. smoothie

Chamomile tea

•Sip on this tea to reduce bloating

•Chamomile relaxes muscles around GI tract

•Water improves digestion, which shrinks a bloated tummy

•For the best relief look for teas that are all chamomile, not a blend.

Cheese & Crackers

•This power duo will help you feel perky in the afternoon

• Crackers pack vitamins B6 and B12 to give energy

•Lowfat cheeses have protein

•Together they stimulate serotonin in your brain to power through the workday

•Stay slim with a 200 calorie serving – 1 oz. lowfat cheese and 8 crackers


• It contains an antioxidant that helps reduce the release of histamines

•Fewer circulating histamines means you’ll experience fewer symptoms when exposed to allergens

•Add it to salads, or mix with olive oil and lemon to make a chicken topping.