Cops looking for suspect who stabbed woman 11 times in Queens

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Cops are trying to solve a violent crime in a quiet neighborhood in Queens. A 17 year-old-girl walking home after work was stabbed multiple times as she tried to get inside her building.

Witnesses described a gruesome attack on 85th street just off 88th avenue in Woodhaven. Natasha Martinez’ mother says her daughter was walking home from the bus after working her shift at a McDonald’s when she was followed by an unidentified man.

She says she almost made it home before the guy attacked with a red handled knife stabbing her nearly a dozen times as she screamed looking for help from her mother.

Kern Hernandez lives next door and heard the woman’s screams.

“She was saying help, help,” Hernandez said, “And her family came out to help her.”

“She spoke some Spanish. I think she was saying she got stabbed in the lower back,” he said.

Cops rushed to the scene and launched a frantic search for the guy. They recovered the blade but he got away.

Leonard Duff has lived in the neighborhood for about three years and was shocked to see the violence.

“I think that’s crazy,” Duff said, “This is a nice neighborhood.”

“Nothing like that happens. We never have trouble in this neighborhood,” he said.

Martinez was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where her mother says she underwent about 3 hours of surgery and is expected to survive. Martinez mother says it looks like she didn’t know her attacker.

Detectives were on the scene Tuesday morning looking for clues and the attacker.

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  • Carlos Harmless

    If they want to find the suspect, wouldn’t it be helpful to give a description of him?

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