Driver arrested in young girl’s death already had TWO warrants for illegal operation of a bus: cops

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WEST NEW YORK (PIX11) – The bus driver who crashed into a lamppost in West New York Tuesday, causing it to fall onto a baby carriage — killing the 8-month-old girl inside — has been charged with death by auto, according to authorities.

Idowu Daramola, 48, was also talking on his cell phone when he lost control of the bus while dropping off passengers at Boulevard East and 56th St, according to Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari.  Even worse for horrified witnesses and relatives, Daramola should not have been driving in the first place.  He already had two warrants out for not appearing in court on counts of illegal operation of a bus.

Bus Driver

According to witnesses, the wheels began spinning and the bus accelerated suddenly into one lamppost, which fell onto the baby carriage, then hit a second one before slamming into the back of a parked car.  That car was then propelled forward into several other vehicles.  It was a horrific scene, witnesses said, a pool of blood underneath the carriage and young Angela’s mother, Maylin, screaming hysterically.

“It was devastating,” said one woman.  “The bus was on the sidewalk, the car was pretty much smashed into the bus, it was horrifying; the officer when he picked up the baby there was blood gushing.”

Facebook Baby Killed

Angela Paredes, 8 months old, was killed when a bus driver crashed into a lamppost, sending the pole onto the stroller she was in. (Photo/Facebook)

Witnesses at the scene reportedly attempted to give young Angela Paredes CPR, but she was not responsive.   Paramedics pronounced Parades dead in the ambulance on the way to Jersey City Medical Center.  Five other people suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Vicki Cepeda lives next door to the Paredes family and knows her mother, Maylin, well as their two children often played together.  “They were so immersed in their little girl’s life,” Cepeda said. “someone needs to regulate these buses.”

Bus and Car

After slamming into a lamppost and knocking it onto a baby stroller, crushing the infant inside, the vehicle slammed into a parked car.

Daramola faces one count of second-degree death by auto, one count of reckless driving and a third infraction for driving while using a cell phone.

Authorities say Sphinx Bus Company was probably notified of the warrants, which may open them to liability as well.

Daramola will be arraigned Wednesday morning in Newark.