Stevie Wonder’s lonely boycott of Florida – Larry Mendte

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Stevie Wonder announced that he was boycotting Florida until the state’s Stand Your Ground law was repealed.  He did this right after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.  He did this even though Stand Your Ground was never used by the defense or mentioned by the prosecution in the case.

Day later someone from the Stevie Wonder camp leaked a list of music stars who were joining the boycott to the American Urban Radio Network.  The list included Madonna, Usher, Jay Z, Rihanna, the Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Rod Stewart.

Impressive list….if it was real.  One by one, stars on the list were saying”Boycott?  What boycott?”

First, a local TV station in Florida reported that the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert scheduled for August 16 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami will go on as scheduled, according to an executive with the tour.

Then a source with knowledge of the matter has denied to the Huffington Post that Rihanna is joining the boycott.

And now  representatives for the Rolling Stones told Mother Jones that no one with the band had ever even heard of the boycott.  

Oops.  It looks like Stevie Wonder is like the Will Ferrell character “Frank the Tank” in the movie Old School who thought every one was following him when he went streaking, only to find he was dangling out there by himself.

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