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Boozed up 1st grade teacher may lose job after calling cast mate a gay slur on ‘Princesses: Long Island’

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(PIX11) – Another teacher may lose their job after appearing on the Bravo reality show “Princesses: Long Island.”

While Stefan Serie was more of a background guy who went for a quick dip in the pool, Sara Schapiro was boozed up and yelled a gay slur at a cast mate.

Schaprio is a first grade teacher at P.S. 63 in the East Village.

Education Department spokeswoman Erin Hughes said the incident was under investigation.

The seven-year teacher does have some dirt under her manicured nails.

She was arrested for drug possession, DWI and reckless driving in Florida in 2002.

Schapiro says she’s ashamed she let the slur slip, but it was all part of her shtick on the bravo show.

When asked if Schapiro would change anything about her reality show debut she simply said, “Nope! I was on TV. I don’t care. I had a good time.”