Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda plans on filing for divorce after election: Report

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UPPER EAST SIDE (PIX11) – In his own words, Eliot Spitzer admits he hurt a lot of people. We know that includes his wife Silda.

From day one of Spitzer’s prostitution scandal, Silda stood by her man but it’s been reported she has had enough and wants out of the relationship.

Divorce Attorney Vikki Ziegler tells us she is not surprised if Silda wants a divorce.  Ziegler said, “My only question is what took so long. In 2008 she stood by him and now that he is back out there, she can’t take the reminder of what he did wrong.”

When Spitzer appeared on our PIX 11 Morning News, he seemed confident that his wife would be by his side, Spitzer said, “She worked on several petitions for me, my private life is my private life.”

So far, Spitzer is leading in the polls against Scott Stringer for City Comptroller. Ziegler predicts, “This is going to be a bitter divorce. Spitzer is worth some $50 million. If she files divorce after the election there will be a lot at stake.”

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