City Council votes on future of Penn Station, Madison Square Garden

Posted at 3:59 PM, Jul 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-17 15:01:14-04

(PIX11) – On Wednesday, City Council voted on the future of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

The council granted the venue a permit to operate for only 10 more years. The decision is the first step to push MSG out and pave the way for a total transformation of Penn Station.

Critics have described Penn as “bunch of rat tunnels” that lead people in and out of the city.

The original Penn Station was demolished in 1963. It was built from pink granite had imposing classic Greek Columns and 150 ft ceilinged glass-and-steel train sheds.

The Baltimore Sun said in April 2007 that the station was “as grand a corporate statement in stone, glass and sculpture as one could imagine.”

The destruction of the building is considered the catalyst for the city’s preservation movement, as many were outraged that a building with such sophisticated architecture was being demolished.


Penn Station Concourse in 1935. (Image via Wikipedia)

Penn Station serves 300,000 passengers a day, compared to Grand Central’s 140,000 serviced commuters.

This radical renovation will change the face of midtown NYC.

The city plans to expand Penn Station once MSG has vacated, and redevelop the surrounding neighborhood.

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