Analysis: Who would vote for Anthony Weiner NOW?

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Many New Yorkers are shaking their heads in disbelief that they’re again being forced to endure sexual drama in this year’s mayoral campaign.

While polls before the latest sexting revelations about Anthony Weiner showed voters were willing to forgive and give him a second chance, a good number are now reassessing their willingness to vote for the disgraced candidate.

Weiner has repeatedly apologized for his transgressions and noted that his wife has forgiven him and voters should as well.

A large percentage of Democratic voters felt he had redeemed himself enough to earn their vote.

Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, a psychologist and assistant professor of medicine at Touro College, told PIX11 News: “Many people are willing to forgive his transgressions because of their liberal mindset. Also because of the electricity of New York and the colorful characters, people are willing to look the other way.”

Huma Abedin is now the key to Weiner’s campaign success

Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma

Mickey Blum, a professor of public opinion at Baruch College, feels voters are forgiving because they feel “private life is separate from public life. and they’re willing to give a second chance.”

But in the wake of new revelations that Weiner continued his bad boy sexting habits long after he resigned from Congress, may have changed the equation and the public’s perception of him as a potential mayor.

“This is someone applying for a job, not someone in a job,” Blum said.  “When someone like that is running, why would voters pick that person with all their personal problems.”

Blum contends, “He misled the public and people are likely to react to that.”  In her opinion, “He’s finished, but he doesn’t know it yet,” she declared.

Dr. Gardere is of the belief that many voters will not be as forgiving after these latest revelations of him engaging in cyber and phone sex with a 22-year-old woman as recently as last August.

He said voters will see him as “someone with more than a bad habit, but a with a serious personality flaw.”


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