Burst of weekend violence shakes NYC’s sense of safety

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(PIX11) — Bloomberg claims that crime rates are at an historic low — but then why is there a sudden rise in gun violence? Bushwick residents have gotten some of the worst of it this past weekend.


Living in fear is how many Bushwick residents describe their day to day lives.

“Instead of cheering and having fun, they were just dodging bullets,” Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez says among dozens of people who gathered near Hope Ballpark in Brooklyn on Monday, where a shooting broke apart a baseball game on Saturday.

“This is a fight that we must all fight together.”

The fight? Trying to put a stop to gun violence in these neighborhoods after nearly two dozen shootings killed three people and injured 33 others over the weekend alone.

Most of them were in Brooklyn.

But mayor Bloomberg recently laid out the city’s crime numbers during his weekly radio address and compared them to a year ago, saying our city has gotten safer.

“In 2013, so far, murders are down by 29% and it isn’t isolated to a few neighborhoods. every borough has gotten far safer,” Bloomberg said.

If that’s the case, then why the sudden ride in shootings in the past few days?

“We’re going to see these ups and downs,” Professor of Criminal Justice at Pace University, Joe Ryan said.

“We are in an historic moment in New York City and in the country. crime is down to levels we haven’t anticipated. I really believe new york city is one of the safest places.”


But even with a steady drop in crime for the past 15 years according to city stats, the people on the gun-ridden streets in Brooklyn say there’s still a long way to go.

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