LICH secures temporary restraining order to stay open

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COBBLE HILL, BROOKLYN (PIX11) – “Fight, fight, fight, health care is a human right,” that was the midday chant by Long Island College Hospital personnel on Friday.

They weren’t on life support.  They were essentially dead.  The hospital set to close its doors by Sunday.

The signs of survival were bold and clear from every vantage point.

The goal to ensure that sick and those in need of emergency medical care will still be able to go to LICH, even though they had eleven patients left.

Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio who was arrested at a LICH rally last week was at the center of protesting once again describing the demise of LICH as, “What they are doing is starving this hospital.”

The efforts to shut down LICH in Cobble Hill is simply another example of simple economics. The case is eerily similar to what took place at St. Vincent’s in Greenwich Village, where they turned the historic hospital into residential units.

Luis Rivera, a 27-year veteran at LICH, bluntly states that a co-op can’t compare to a hospital, “It doesn’t save lives.  It doesn’t save lives.”

Linda Rubino from the school of nursing could not believe her eyes as she left this afternoon.  She spoke to PIX11 News as a few staffers were unloading cardboard boxes, “It’s very sad. I’m working here 33 years, I was born here, my mother works here” said Rubino who quickly added, “I’ve had many family members who have passed away here.”

On a day when many were writing LICH’s obit, the hospital was brought back from the dead minutes before 5 p.m. as it was announced that a Temporary Restraining Order had been ruled in favor of the hospital.

Cheers erupted but then reality sank in.  It’s temporary.

Both sides are due back in court next Thursday.