Media hope for violence after verdict – Larry Mendte

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Is it just me?  Didn’t seem that the networks were hoping for violence after George Zimmerman was cleared in the murder of Trayvon Martin?  Or as the cable news anchors called it “a stunning verdict” and a “complete surprise,” even though their legal anaylsts just told them it was probably going to be not guilty.

Immediately the networks cut to a double box showing inside the courtroom and the crowds gathering outside.  “No violence yet” they reported.  “Peaceful so far” and “this protest is sure to grow” they would say through the night.

The next day pictures of broken windows in Oakland and fires in Los Angeles marred the front oage of newspapers.  That is all the media’s countrwide scavanger hunt for violence could turn up, less vioelnce than in a city after one of its teams wins the national championship.

USA today would ask on its cover if “racial rift” could be healed?  I think the lack of violence shows we are already healing.  The protestors should be commended for having respect for the process and their communities.  Protest are fine, that’s what this country is founded on.  Violence is not.  It shows we are maturing as a country.  I just wish the national media would grow up too.