Beating the cost of heat; how to save cash during a heat wave

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NEW YORK (PIX11)– By now we’re all pretty much in the know, it’s excruciating out there.

But while we may be suffering now we don’t want to suffer even more later .with an electric bill that is through the roof.

“I know it sounds a little uncomfortable but usually from 74 to 78 is usually enough to take care of you to get you through the day. You gotta remember to save money, every degree you go lower you raise your cooling costs by six percent,” said Con Edison spokesperson Mike Clendin.
PIX11 got a look inside Con Ed’s command post center where employees are fielding calls from the crews in the field. Crews are in every borough and in Westchester County Just in case there’s an emergency.

“It’s not so much really a supply issue, meeting the needs of New Yorkers right now, it’s more of just making sure the equipment stays in place and functioning,” said Clendenin.

Another tip to save some cash as mercury rises, “ceiling fans use about 80 percent less energy than an air conditioner so if you can combine your ceiling fan with your air conditioner. Raise the temperature a little bit on your air conditioner and use the ceiling fan to spread the cool air around, you’ll save a lot of money that way.”

Bills can actually run up into the hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars without you realizing it until you get that bill.
Even If you don’t have central air, you need to be extra careful about the window unit, “put the window unit on if you want to, but shut the doors to rooms you aren’t using that way the air conditioner is not trying to cool too many rooms that it doesn’t need to.”

Start the day right by conserving energy, “when you leave for work it’s a good idea to have your air conditioner set to a timer, so set it for about a half an hour before you get home, so that it cools off the place before you walk in.”

There are also fire hazards in your home that you may be ignoring just because it’s so hot.