How to get your kids to go to sleep when you want

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(PIX11) — Getting kids to bed can be the bane of any parent’s existence. New research suggests that it might not be worth the battle.

They suggest that it might be OK to allow a child to stay up later as long as the bedtime is consistent.

Dr. Balter in this video segment discusses how parents can get their kids to sleep and Dr. Steve talks about the latest research and importance of sleep.

Researchers looked at information about bedtimes and standardized test scores for more than 11,000 children who were part of the UK Millennium Cohort Study, a nationally representative study of children in the United Kingdom.

The Millennium Cohort Study followed children when they were ages 3, 5 and 7, and included regular surveys and home visits. Researchers asked parents about family routines such as bedtimes. The study found that, in general, consistent bedtimes were linked to better performance across all subject areas.

Balter in this video gives a few tips to help parents establish good bedtime routines. The best way is to be reasonable, establish a nighttime ritual with your kids and allow sleep aids such as reading a bedtime story or listening to music.

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