Beloved dean of prestigious Regis High School arrested on drug charges

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(PIX11) — The dean of a prestigious Upper East Side Catholic high school has been arrested on drug-possession charges after police found him sleeping in his car last week, according to reports.

The dean, Nicholas deSpoelberch, 35, was arrested and charged last Thursday after cops found him asleep at the wheel on a dead-end street in Darien, Conn.

Cops searched deSpoelberch’s Nissan Altima and found several bags of heroin, various pills obtained without prescription, including Oxycodone and Clonidine. Drug paraphernalia was also found.

He admitted to the police during questioning that he was under the influence of medication that were not prescribed to him, according to the Darien Times.

Regis High School on Tuesday night issued a statement, saying that deSpoelberch has been suspended upon further investigation.

“On Tuesday, Regis High School became aware of the July 11th arrest of Nicholas deSpoelberch, who serves as the school’s Dean of Students. Regis High School is just now learning about the allegations against Mr. deSpoelberch, and takes those charges very seriously. Regis has zero tolerance for such activities. ”

The Daily News reported that deSpoelberch was also arrested Labor Day weekend in 2007 on DUI charges in his hometown of Carmel, NY.

DeSpoelberch was loved by many of his students — he was a guidance counselor at the school before he became dean in 2008. He was also involved with the athletic department and taught martial arts.

“No one really saw this coming. He’s such a great guy. On our school field day, he’d bring his kid and wife and they’d be inseparable,” a recent Regis graduate told PIX11 News. “He’s strict but reasonable and I’ve always seen him as a family man who’s setting a good example for us.”

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  • Kathleen Marchitto

    Ok so just whom was this dean hurting ? he was alone in his car not bothering anyone, Now he'll be prosecuted and persecuted by the ridiculous man made laws designed to help no one but the law makers. Seems to me that if this man had the ability to carry out his job requirements while in a "state of addiction" that his abilities far exceed those of someone not as hindered!!! When is the media and the "powers that be " going to recognize that the average addict isn't the foaming from the mouth villian they've portrayed them to be…..I for one am fed up with the laws that don't benefit anyone and the disgraceful finger pointing by the media. Maybe some of the law makers and media personnel shoud be forced to watch "How to make money selling Drugs" Some of our greatest minds, teachers, and inventors have been also addicts. Maybe you all feel that Steve Jobs , Albert Einstein, JFK etc. should have been thrown in a jail cell and labeled as worthless addicts also, Give me a break and wake up!!! Some of the best minds in the world have been addicts. When is the word addict going to be finally and rightfully separated from the word criminal?????????????

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