5-Alarm fire breaks out in Bronx, six injured

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BRONX (PIX 11) – A fire broke out in the Bronx this morning at approximately 2:50 AM at 1507 & 1509 Commonwealth Ave.

Firefighters say they got the call just before 3:00 AM, and it took 250 firefighters to get the blaze under control.

Houses on the street are so close to each other, firefighters say they had to evacuate nearly 15 people from their homes.

The fire was categorized as 5-Alarm and quickly spread throughout both buildings, injuring six people.

Among the victims were four firefighters with minor injuries, and two children who suffered smoke inhalation.

 All victims were taken to Jacobi Medical Center and are expected to be fine.

Despite hard work in the heat from firefighters, some families lost everything including the Carion family who was sleeping next door until they heard their windows shatter.

The father of the family, Michael Carion who is also a Senior Pastor with the Promised Land Covenant Church, says they barely got out alive.

“We heard somewhat of an explosion, and we ran out barefoot. It is such a shock,” he said, as tears rolled down his cheek, adding, “It is just so emotional, we lost everything. But I thank God for his mercies. He spared my wife and my children.”

The American Red Cross says it is taking care of the five families displaced by the fire.

FDNY says they got the fire user control by 5:15am, but it took a few hours.

The Fire Marshall is investigating how the basement fire started.

Chief Ronald Werner said, “Heavy fire at that time of night seems suspicious, then again, with all the energy people are using due to the heat, overuse could have sparked the fire as well.”

The chief also said the humidity had no effect on the smoke to be worse but the heat make it harder to fight off the fire.

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