Zimmerman verdict protesters fill NYC streets for 4th day in a row

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WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, New York (PIX11) – Another day, another round of protests. A predominantly Latino crowd in Washington Heights gathered for a Trayvon Martin vigil.

While there continues to be anger over the verdict that found George Zimmerman not guilty, the anger has developed into a frustration over a system many say does not serve their best interest.

“We face gentrification, we face police brutality, we face poverty. Regardless of how much we work, we live check by check.” Said Claudia De La Cruz, one of the organizers of the vigil.

Following the initial rally, hundreds of protesters marched from Mitchell Square up St. Nicholas avenue towards Inwood. One woman telling PIX11, “they’re pushing us out of the homes we were born in and that’s not right.”

While accompanied by an NYPD presence, the police department has clearly made an effort not to insert itself into the protests that have taken place. And unlike in a select few demonstrations in other cities – the protests in NYC have been peaceful, while passionate.

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