The violence pressure valve

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Social media saves the day again after the Zimmerman verdict. It will also be his doom. Let me explain. Social media, which is anything but, encourages the internalization of emotion and thought. It shuts off human connection and interaction. And that’s great. Why? Because after the Zimmerman verdict those filled with anger and vitriol and rage will retreat so they can tweet away.



  • guest17

    What do you expect when CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Promoted this case because of it racial edge? All other news was blocked out. 19 firefighters die- virtually ignored, Plane crash- virtually ignored, Snowden- ignored, Egypt- ignored. Nothing but Zimmerman case crammed down our throats.

    And now that the country has been manipulated with a race case these stations just keep on feeding us this this. Meanwhile countless other tragic cases in this country don't even get a blip of attention. Pathetic!!

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