SEE IT: NJ Transit bus driver caught masturbating during Lincoln Tunnel traffic jam

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(PIX11) — Commuters understandably get bored or frustrated while stuck in traffic, but a New Jersey Transit bus driver is paying the price for his inappropriate way of relieving stress.


Police say George Simpson, 41, of Newark, masturbated while driving a packed bus during a traffic jam in the Lincoln Tunnel on June 24th.  It was around 8 p.m. when a female passenger sitting directly to his right noticed that he was fully exposed, and begin filming.


The woman behind the cell phone, a librarian who did not want to be identified, recorded it “because of the outrage, that it was actually occurring on a Transit bus,” said her attorney Patrick Metz.  “The danger that he was putting the passengers in, as well as the commuters around this bus is unspeakable.”


The video shows Metz fully exposed, pleasuring himself through the length of the tunnel, even appearing to use a tissue or cloth to clean himself up at one point.

Simpson faces lewdness and reckless driving charges. New Jersey Transit said he has been removed from service without pay.

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