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Thousands flock to Javits Center to embrace world-famous ‘Hugging Saint’ Amma

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — She’s known as the “Hugging Saint” and she’s spreading the love over the next three days at the Javits Center where thousands are expected to converge to hug it out with the spiritual guru.

She’s widely known as simply, Amma which means “mother” in several Indian languages.

Across the globe, she boasts a status that’s equivalent to a saint which has only been elevated through her message of unconditional love in the form of hugs.

“She’s a very powerful and magical force and exudes positivity and we just wanted to experience it,” Josh Parker, a first time Amma visitor, told PIX11 News.

“It’s where someone gives you something unconditionally without wanting something back,” Peekskill resident Jory Osyevka said, explaining the so-called Amma experience. “It’s just constant pure hugging love.”

So why does this 59-year-old spiritual guru find fulfillment in embracing complete strangers?

“It’s like asking a river ‘why do you flow.’ It’s in my nature,” Amma told PIX 11 News via an interpreter. “Even as a little girl I wanted to help [others]. People would always come to me and open up their heart and so that’s how this whole thing started.”

“I offer [hugs] to anyone who comes to see me, but if someone doesn’t want me to hug them, then I won’t.”

If you want to get the Amma experience and find out what all the buzz is about, the Hugging Saint will be at the Javits Center through Saturday.


  • Devgil

    Nice of her to hug BUT in India this is another one of those fake gurus and Westerners like Indians love them. A few borrowed words of "wisdom" and quiet demeanor will let them make millions at expense of well intentioned people.

    • Larry

      Hey, Anonymous, If you think she is just “making millions,” you should research what her charities have done with all those millions. They have fed, clothed, housed, rescued, given free medical care, water treatment, hospitals, schools, orphanages, literacy training,and L

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