Spitzer didn’t vote in 2012, records show

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) – A new day for Eliot Spitzer brings a positive poll for the disgraced former Governor — as well as a negative revelation about his voting record.

A Marist College poll has the 54-year-old up by nine points: “At this point in politics, nothing surprises me. But look, I have a record that I am running on and I have done several things, I have both asked for forgiveness and explained what I’ve done,” said Spitzer in front of his Upper East Side residence Thursday morning.

Other news, however, has voters like Robert Cotton — who initially wanted to vote for Spitzer — dropping him for being, as Cotton described, “a hypocrite.”

A column that he wrote in the days leading up to the 2012 Presidential election was entitled “Why I Am Voting For Barack Obama.”  Problem is, Spitzer never voted.

A Spitzer spokeswoman indicated there was no time to vote due to his schedule.

This prompted the following response from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Spitzer’s primary opponent, “I have never missed a vote, check it out.”

In Union Square, however, there were others signing up in the park who were not concerned about Spitzer’s past with call girls or his spotty voting record.  “That’s his right. That’s not hypocrisy,” said one voter. Julia Smith, who signed her name for Spitzer, added, “It doesn’t seem hypocritical.  It seems a little inconsistent but not hypocritical.”

Spitzer, who is hustling to get enough signatures to qualify for the race, is apparently offering workers $800 a day to collect them, and his operatives are coming from all walks.  PIX11 News discovered that one operative named Dave doesn’t even live in the city.  He lives in Albany.

As for Dave’s boss?  Well that would be Matt, who has a Connecticut cell phone number.

Meanwhile Spitzer’s army on the streets is working out of a building that just happened to be a very short walk from the Museum of Sex.

At Spitzer’s headquarters no one was talking.  However, one worker said he would provide the number of his spokeswoman who is based out of Washington D.C. — not New York City.

A few minutes later another man emerged and kindly asked PIX11 News to leave.  Although he said, “We’ll get back with you shortly.

They never did.

Some would say they are taking a page from Spitzer’s own playbook. Saying they’ll do something, but not following through.