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DNA evidence links Albert DeSalvo to Boston Strangler victim

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desalvo(PIX11) -Massachusetts authorities announced Thursday that DNA evidence  has linked Albert DeSalvo to the murder of the last Boston Strangler victim. DeSalvo’s body will be exhumed for further testing.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley announced at a press conference that DNA evidence collected from the body of 19-year-old Mary Sullivan links DeSalvo to her death.

Sullivan was found raped and murdered in her Boston apartment January 4, 1964.

“DNA evidence was undreamt of in the 1960s,” Conley said of how the case has remained virtually unsolved for nearly 50 years.

DeSalvo had confessed to the 12 murders  attributed to the Boston Strangler. However, his confession was called into question and was not admissible in court. At the time, there was no physical evidence linking DeSalvo to any of the murders.

He was eventually sentenced to life in prison for a string of sexual assaults unrelated to the Boston Strangler case. He was stabbed to death in prison in 1973.

Boston authorities did say however that they could not conclusively link DeSalvo to the murders of the 11 other victims and it is still unclear if they were all actually murdered by the same person.

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