NYC Boardwalk bathroom battle

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They’re called comfort stations and they have been built to serve NYC beachgoers in Rockaways, Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

But some neighbors say they’re expensive, ugly and not necessary.

The pre-fabricated buildings are mounted on pilings that have been set into the beach. That brings that up above potential flooding that may happen in the future. At one spot in Brighton Beach, there’s a problem with the construction. Some of the other stations are not yet open.

The NYC Parks Department has moved to have the stations open for the summer.



  • Katherine

    I loved this segment. It is to the point. I live in Rockaway beach at b. 107 and my apartment sits directly in front of these bathrooms. I’m grateful my apartment is higher up in the building but they serve no purpose. You can only access these comfort stations if your a lifeguard and last time I checked, lifeguards only work for 3 months of the year!. Also they have stopped construction on them. They did construction on them for 8 weeks all night long and then stopped around memorial day. There is no boardwalk, no jetties and no protection for future storms. The person or team that decided to formulate this plan should have be fired for using so much money that could have been used wisely!. I hope our future mayor candidate is listening to this segment. Maybe, since its a political year, something will be done since Rockaway Beach is in Queens and is one of the 5 boroughs!!. Or did they forget that when they all showed up for the ribbon ceremony around Memorial Day!!

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