Storm knocks AC units from windows, trees into the street in Yonkers

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jul 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-01 23:09:24-04

YONKERS (PIX11) – “It’s terrible. It’s tremendous,” said Jose Ortiz, Yonkers resident while observing the aftermath of Monday’s strong storm.

It came and passed in just a matter of minutes. What many believed to be a passing rainstorm proved to be something much stronger.

The city kicked into clean up mode to remove debris, downed trees and downed branches littering several streets in the Southwest portion of the city up to Willow Street.

Commissioner Charles Gardner of the Yonkers Police Department said they are “Making sure the roads are clear…traffic moving”

While the city waits for official word from the National Weather Service about what, exactly, hit the city, one thing that’s difficult to ignore is the path of downed trees.

Deputy Mayor Susan Gerry said “We don’t have a clear sense of what the storm was, but we do know that it seemed like a microburst, it came in and had isolated impacts and then it took off.”

City officials say winds were sustained at around 60mph. The sheer strength, evident on Willow Street, where portions of a roof on two buildings blew off and landed half a block away.

“I heard it thundering so I thought it was just raining. Other than that I didn’t pay it any mind until I came out here and saw it” said  Victor Terrero, super of damaged building  “Right now its leaking a lot.”

While Yonkers residents wait on word from the National Weather Service, it has already been confirmed that a tornado did touch down in New Jersey.