New Jersey to punish left-lane hogs

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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) – The next time you think about switching to the left lane on the highway and staying there for a while, you may want to think again… at least if you are in New Jersey and you are a typical lane hog.

A new bill will increase fines by several hundred dollars for those using the left lane for anything other than passing.

New Jersey State Assemblyman, Gilbert Wilson is a co-sponsor of the measure, which passed by a landslide and is now waiting for a finaL approval by the governor.

“It’s to make people really aware,” Wilson said. “If it’s a fine of $50, people will say “OK”, but if you increase it to $100, $200, or $300, that’s a bit different”.

$50 of the fine will also go toward creating other signs to remind drivers of the “Stay Right” law in New Jersey.

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