Dog buries puppy in sand in heartbreaking burial video

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(PIX11) — A heart-wrenching  showing a dog burying a dead puppy has gotten international attention.

The video,  which appears to have been recorded somewhere in Iraq and was published June 12 on YouTube, depicts a dog that comes across a dead puppy lying in the sand. The pooch use his snout to  push sand over the puppy and cover him completely in a three-minute burial.

Little else is known about the video, including whether there was any relation between the dog and the puppy.

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The video shows the dog burying the puppy in sand.



  • Denise

    Just confirms that dogs have feelings. They are so precious and can teach us so much if we only love them as part of our family, not like our family…but part of the family.. there is a difference in those words. So many times people tell me that animals don't grieve, they don't feel….that is hogwash. RIdiculous and stupid. There have been dogs that scooted another off the freeway in los angeles, that was hit and hurt by a car…alive…left for dead, but the other dog scooted him/her off. Dogs that mourn when their soldier or loved one was killed..they can die from grief…It is up to us to provide shelter, love, food and attention. What have you got to lose? Nothing…but, you have a multitude of love and lessons given back to you. Denise

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