TWA Flight 800 a year later: Quiet Long Island town marred by tragedy (Airdate 7/16/97)

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Perhaps nowhere was the pain of the TWA Flight 800 tragedy felt more than the tiny Pennsylvania town of Montoursville.

Sixteen students and five chaperones from a high school French club were inboard, headed on a dream trip to Paris.

The quiet Long Island town of East Moriches became the center of the world’s attention, as the residents witnessed the horror unfold.

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  • Mario

    As a Boston resident this is the first such post I have come acsros in my reader today and I am glad to see that our wonderful city is in your thoughts. (I’m a transplant from Albany and needless to say I LOVE NY) Thanks for the NY love, we need the good vibes here in our fair city on this sad day!

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