Bronx teacher arrested for alleged rape of 10-year-old student

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THE BRONX (PIX11) – A Bronx elementary school teacher has been arrested for the alleged rape of his 10-year-old student.

Anthony Criscuolo,  40, teaches at P.S. 386 in University Heights and has been charged with second-degree rape, because the victim is under age of 15.

Police say the mother of the 10-year-old girl found provocative emails between Criscuolo and her daughter.


Front of Criscuolo’s house

The girl told police that Criscuolo had touched and kissed her.

According to ABC, the girl also told police that Criscuolo had sent home an official school letter including the school’s letterhead stating that the she had received an award and insisted he take the student to the ceremony. Instead, he took the girl to the parking lot of another school, P.S. 196,  and allegedly raped her in his car.


Criscuolo’s car that he allegedly raped his student in.

DOE officials say Criscuolo has been removed from the school and has no contact with students. However, due to teacher tenure rules, the department has not been able to officially terminate his employment.



  • rpmt

    Don't try to make the union look bad by making it sound as if he won't be terminated because he will. The tenure rules only mean that they will make sure that due diligence protects the BOE from any silly lawsuits on his part.

  • Diana r

    May she get counsel at a early age.because it stays with you for life.may he rot in sympathy goes out to the child and parents.i

  • Spotlight845

    Im so shocked to read this my grandma called me and told me what had transpired, I'm so shocked because i was his student back in 2003 and he didn't strike me as that type of person he was very kind and helped me through a lot because of how i was back then if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be the adult i am today. But he shall receive his punishment for his actions and will suffer for the rest of his life because of what he did.

  • trial follower

    What happened to innocent til proven guilty? Hate with an ALLEGED motive is not a verdict ! If this guy did exactly what the media has published and written then so be it , he deserves to pay the punishment.

    So far we really have nothing besides what he has been accused of, the accusations are rape, emails sent, he was seen dancing close to the ALLEGED VICTIM, he gave expensive gifts etc.

    Do you all see something wrong with this picture? fist of all DNA will prove if the girl was in fact in the car.. This will be the only DNA that would actually prove he is guilty of the crime.

    Dancing close with the girl- Hello? if this happened a couple of month ago and "THEY" say they saw, why is this coming out now? and a Valentines Dance? so the other teachers did not find it weird? so they were blind?

    Emails- How do we know those emails actually came from his computer?

    Expensive gifts- This girl would go home with these gifts and parents don't question it?

    He picked her up for the awards- Again we do not have any proof except for the parents say so.

    Nothing against the parents, but what parent allows a child to except gifts without questioning it, what parent does not follow up with suspicious activity and then allow their child to go to an "award ceremony" alone and best of all not attend their child ceremony hoax or not !
    I know who, irresponsible parents that gave no care for their child. NOW they want the school system to change ?

    I believe their guilt of non caring irresponsible parents are causing them to make such accusations at the school system.
    We don't learn from mistakes, I see people saying how this man looks and crucify him for his looks. My question is this, How does a criminal have to look? we have seen over and over again a pretty face being a serial killer , The ignorance in this world is an outrage !

    Of course if this little girl was raped, this man will pay for all of her suffering. People you don't know the facts/proof yet so stop the hate because this story just does not make sense. something very twisted about this case and not everything adds up. I find it hard to believe that complains to the principal were ignored numerous times. My other question is, Had there really been complains?

    My suggestion is choose your words wisely before we accuse someone without crucial evidence.

    • al sharpton

      you have a point the man has been working with kids 10 yrs..what would make him do something like this. if people saw it coming why wasn't it stopped prior…if the girl was getting an award where were the parents why didn't they go,always protect the children.. somethings need to be reviewed something is a little odd here.yes we want to say he's guilty but whose pointing the finger???are these claims valid or is it public hear say and hysteria are you sure he's even guilty?

  • bj thomas

    if this guy raped her she was 10 and hopefully a virgin you kniw the damage he would have caused tothis little girls organs.. have the doctors checked her.. what is the prognosis?

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