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Brooklyn Bridge is now a graffiti canvas for tagging tourists

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BROOKLYN BRIDGE (PIX11) – It’s a familiar backdrop and style of art in New York City, but one that isn’t too popular with the Department of Transportation.

Tourists and taggers are leaving their personalized graffiti all over the Brooklyn Bridge, and the illegal art is going up faster than city workers can take it down.

Graffiti Brooklyn Bridge

“This style, which you see is the big letters, is what New York City made famous in the 1980’s,” Gabriel Schomberg said. He has traveled the world studying different types of graffiti and now hosts tours in Brooklyn, taking visitors to some of the most painted outdoor canvases.

Since the 80’s, police reports show graffiti has actually been on the decline in most areas, until recently, as scrawls of messages are popping up in spots such as the Brooklyn Bridge, a national landmark.

Each message seems to have it’s own theme as it’s written in ink on the bridge siding. Some are hopeful messages, others, messages of love. The most interesting observation though, nearly all have recent dates of 2013.

The DOT says they do keep an eye on such drawings as it is illegal.

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