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Driver suspended after corpse found stuffed in Medical Examiner’s van with trash

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The dead man, 26-year-old Kevin Bell, was run down Sunday in the Woodlawn section of The Bronx. (Kevin Bell/Facebook)

THE BRONX (PIX11) – A Medical Examiner office spokesperson confirmed to PIX 11 that they have suspended one of their drivers after he was photographed shoving a hit-and-run victim’s body in with bags of what appear to be trash and recycling.

The dead man, 26-year-old Kevin Bell, was run down Sunday in the Woodlawn section of The Bronx.  While a crew from the Medical Examiner’s office was loading the body into their van, a New York Post photographer noticed that the vehicle was stuffed with bags of refuse.

“I am deeply concerned to learn that a young man’s corpse was treated by OCME in such an undignified way,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  “The treatment of the deceased reflects the respect that we have for human life itself. OCME staff showed an utter lack of respect for Kevin Bell, and this incident is the latest in a string of troubling occurrences in the Office over the past several months.”

Quinn says the City Council will investigate the incident.  She added, “My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family and friends during this difficult and heartbreaking time.”

Bell, who came to the United States ten months ago from Ireland to work in construction, was drinking with friends early Sunday.  He was walking home to Woodlawn when he was struck and killed by a driver.

By Christopher Brito.


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