Head of Brooklyn Gang Bureau fired for racial and homophobic slurs

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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (PIX11)- The head of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Gang Bureau has been fired for allegedly using racial and gay slurs.

52-year-old Deanna Rodriguez held the high-pressure job for seventeen years under D.A. Charles Hynes.

The New York Post reported she’s been suspended since March for using homophobic terms to insult subordinates.

When the issue first arose she was penalized of 90 days without pay.

Rodriguez was terminated after she referred to a top African-American prosecutor as the “head (n-word).”

She was listed as Hynes’ number three in the office.

Hynes is facing a strong primary challenge for his office this fall.


  • scallywagy

    Interestingly it is understood that Rodriguez, who earned about $160,000 a year, had run the office’s gang unit since 1996. Which raises the awkward question was her purported derogatory behavior ongoing, recent and if it had been ongoing why was it only now that she was dealt with?

    Did it have anything to do with an upcoming reality show kids?

  • Truth BTold

    Let's see this and see if there's any value behind it. 3 months ago she was suspended, months and a half ago there was an article about her suspension that came from confirmed "sources." New York Post published that article, Now if anyone ever took public relation courses would know that this was strictly a public act by Charles Hynes to try and prove to everyone that he is not a racist. To fire his veteran that created a gang bureau and ran an alternative to incarceration program for young African-American and Latino kids this article holds little weight, Charles Hynes is a complete moron.

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