$10,000 reward for missing Ohio toddler

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Toledo, OHIO (CNN)– “As you can imagine, it’s rough.”

It’s been 12 days, but hope that baby Elaina is out there has not wavered for her family.

“We need to bring that baby home.”

After few breaks in the case, police arrested the toddler’s mother, Angela Steinfurth.

Court records state she admitted to knowing Elaina had suffered a serious physical injury, but didn’t get medical treatment.

“She should have been truthful and done. She shouldn’t of even been in the house from the get-go.”

Now, she’s in jail on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bond, charged with child endangering.

“She made several mistakes. I’m not going to say she was directly responsible for anything, but my daughter was in her at the time that this happened and the police are handling it the way they feel they need to.”

Toledo police detectives won’t comment on the extent of Elaina’s injuries or who caused them, but regardless of the details, family, friends and strangers are not giving up.

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    she done more then shes saying i do believe that and shes probably gonna get by with it also.i hope and pray that the child is found and found alive soon

  • Denise

    This is a really sad story. I hope this child is found.

    Also, I think PIX11 could do with a new editor. This post is full of grammatical/spelling errors.

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