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Rupert Murdoch files for divorce for third time

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Rupert Murdoch is headed for divorce court, again.

The News Corp. giant has filed for divorce from his third wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch.

Wendi’s love for her husband made global headlines when she famously defended him in front of courtroom cameras, when a protestor threw a pie at her husband during hearings on phone hacking in front of the British Parliament.

The news of the divorce comes just as Murdoch’s company, News Corp, is about to also split into two separate companies.

This divorce will likely cost one of the richest men in the world a hefty cost. According to Forbes he’s worth about $11.2 billion.

Murdoch’s second divorce, from his wife Anna, ended with a whopping $1.7 billion divorce settlement including reportedly $110 million in cash.

His current soon-to-be ex-wife was working for a News Corp. subsidiary in Hong Kong when the two met in 1997, and married two years later.

They say love is free, but for Rupert Murdoch it seems to be a multibillion dollar investment.

Murdoch is 82 and his wife is 44 years old.