Staying stylish even when breaking a sweat

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Planning to run outdoors this summer? With the Oakley New York Mini 10K race on Saturday, the original womens-only run, its time to get in gear. Whether you’re runnning or just spectating, we have the latest sneakers, sports bra, running clothes, and sun protection to make sure you’re running around in style and comfort.
Shopping Guide
Look #1
– Oakley Race Day Tank $44
– Capri $65
– Reebok One Guide sneakers $110
Look #2
– Oakley warm up sunglasses $120
– Moving Comfort sports bra from Bare Necessities. $46;
– Moving Comfort Capris from Bare Necessities, $64
– Reebok One Cushion sneakers $110
Look #3
– Polarized Oakley sunglasses ‘Overtime’ $120 Oakley Race Day Tank $44
– Power tights $78 Continuity bra $28 Reebok one cushion $110
Look #4
– Tops and skirt by C9 Champions at Target.
– Nothing over $50
– Reebok One Cushion sneakers $110
– Oakley Sunlgasses ‘Obsessed’ $130
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