Room service will be discontinued at NYC’s biggest hotel

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Room service is going Jurassic.

It’s being discontinued at the city’s largest hotel, the New York Hilton Midtown in August, taking the jobs of 55 workers with it.

hiltonThe 2,000-room Hilton plans to replace it with a cafeteria-style, grab-and-go restaurant.

Experts say this will become the industry norm soon enough, because room service is too expensive and it takes too long to have the food delivered.


  • Richard

    Want to bet that the new health care law is what pushed it past the breaking point?
    When a job no longer results in a new profit to a company, it is cut.

  • Michael

    I think its a despicable act. We already have so many unemployed people, and now the Hilton's are going to make it worse. Remember, it may only be 55 jobs at this location, but if its profitable, they will do it at all their locations. That's a lot more unemployed people, it would almost double nation wide. You greedy slime balls. I hope kahrma kicks you all in the fanny for this. Your going to hell as well, I just thought I'd tell you. I hope for the sake of humanity that people boycott Hiltons nationwide until the idiots responsible for this moronic decision change their putridly greedy minds.

  • Timothy

    Basically, Obamacare is the new recession, how can we make more money with less people? The service industry, retailers and restaurant workers who make min. wage or hourly pay will feel the biggest impact of Obamacare.

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