Cops investigating triple shooting in Brooklyn

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Jessica Jean ran for her life — with  her one-year-old son in her arms. When she heard the gunshots, she  said it sounded like it would go on forever.

It was a wild shooting spree on Sunday afternoon.

gunshotAccording to police, three adult black males were shot on Lenox Road near Flatbush Avenue.

Around the corner — on Caton avenue — a gun magazine and a bullet lay on the sidewalk, all part of the large crime scene here.

The shoot out involved police officers dodging bullets but according to authorities, they did not fire a single shot back.

Jean’s father is a pastor who was wrapping up Sunday services on the block when the shots were flying.

Now, she doesn’t want to raise her son here. The sight of one of the victims on the ground will stay with her.

Police say it is unclear what prompted this shooting.

All three victims were taken to King’s County Hospital, where one remains in critical condition.