Patrick Stewart eats first pizza slice EVER at age 72

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Patrick Stewart has boldly gone where almost everybody else has been before — at the age of 72 the actor finally experienced his first slice of pizza.

Of course he documented the groundbreaking experience on Twitter (note the NY fold):

So many questions arise — how is this possible?  Who are his parents?  Why? Why? WHY?

Well, it turns out that Patrick Stewart has had pizza before, just never a slice.  He revealed in a radio interview with BBC Radio 4’s PM host Eddie Mair that the inspiration to have one came to him like it does to so many New Yorkers:

“The fact is yesterday morning my fiancee and I were a little hung-over. I know that’s something you wouldn’t understand having never had that experience but my fiancée said what we need is a slice of pizza and a fizzy drink.

So here in Brooklyn we went to this little neighborhood place and innocently somebody took a photograph of me and the rest, as you know, is history.”

Patrick Stewart Pizza


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