Beheading of British solider sparking anti-Muslim protests

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The brutal beheading of a British soldier in the streets of London has sparked a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment.

About two thousand members of the English Defense League marched the streets of Newcastle to protest the “Islamification” of Britain.

The group said the killing proves England is at war with Islamic extremism.

A larger anti-Islam march is scheduled for next weekend in London.


  • katy

    what a load of crap. you can't actually believe that the muslims are doing stuff like this and btw i am not muslim

      • Mike

        Agreed. You can't generalize. The extremists in ANY religion are very dangerous. Saying all Muslims are violent extremists is like saying that all catholic priests are homosexual pedophiles, when clearly there are a few that aren't.

  • Musliminator

    3 comments above from ” Annonomus ” – You’re Stupid Liberal ‘ head up the arse’ apologists or, and I think this is it, is that you ARE Muslims trying to push a paranoid ‘ scared that you’re about to get a well deserved ass woopin ‘ line of bull shit !

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