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Street violence and social media collide as gangs start using internet to organize

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Community activists and the NYPD will continue to debate the origins for street violence.

But as a horse drawn carriage pulled 14-year-old Daja Robinson’s casket in front of Greater Allen Cathedral in Queens Friday, you can’t’ help but notice the faces of the victims and the mourners in too many of these senseless shootings, seem to be getting younger.

Robinson’s case is disturbing on several levels starting with the fact that police are now questioning a 16-year-old boy in Saturday’s shooting, in which someone recklessly fired almost a dozen shots into the side of an idling bus.

One of those bullets fatally struck Daja in the head.

Just as troublesome, police believe the young girl who sat next to Daja was actually the intended target because of negative comments she made online about a street crew called the Snow Gang.

“She was too kind to be taken away by something to evil, so much violence,”one of Robinson’s friends told Pix11.


  • Esco

    Which I'd consider ANY social media developed violent activities to be 'preplanned acts of terrorism'. Any damages, injuries, and deaths related to social media should be considered 'premeditated' and prosecuted in the first degree..


    Olivia would not understand this sentence teacher, Fei Qiang single curse? He dare to do? He only just started graduate, dare own brother ah. Olivia really do not understand Qiang, with his temper now, single Fei really want to become the kind of corrupt officials estimated the ancient professors do not go, he ran up the pointed nose scolded.

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