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Milwaukee bra ban

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Milwaukee (CNN) – A collection of bras is going back up at a Milwaukee bar.

A city inspector had ordered the undergarments taken down from the ceiling, citing a fire hazard.

The holler house is a kind of museum of Milwaukee’s south side heritage.

“We ladies all had enough to drink and started taking our bras off.  It was 45 years ago” says Marcy Skowronski.

For all the years since, bras have hung from the ceiling of Marcy’s bar, a strange tradition that has endured and endeared this place to generations of partiers.

“But as they say every party needs a pooper.  And in this case the party pooper was a city inspector who saw all those hanging bras as a fire hazard and ordered them taken down,  why this year? I have no idea. Either she had a bad day or she didn’t like me.”

So Marcy called her alderman, Bob Donovan, who then turned to us.

“This just doesn’t sound right.  Where’s the common sense?” says Donovan.

And no sooner did we start asking why the city wants to ban these bras, common sense materialized.

Donovan said “The pressure you guys may have put on, I want to thank you guys.  The media has a role to play in this society.”

The city overturned the inspector’s order, which means Marcy is now planning a party to re-bra the place.

A process fueled by a lot of tradition and no small amount of alcohol.

“And the girls say do you realize how much I paid for this bra? And after a couple of drinks, its hanging.”


  • George

    If the bra's, are a hangin ' ; I 'll bet there are a , ' couple ', other things , a hangin ', too .

  • mac

    There's a bar in Venice, Italy with the about 70 or so bra's hanging from the rafters. Pretty fun place.

  • Jadhu

    "Common sense" prevailed and the bras are going up again… Not that I am against the whole thing, but what does hanging up bras have to do with common sense anyway? The ladies did not take off their bras 45 years ago in a display of common sense. They took them off because they were having fun and partying. The press should get involved in more important issues–such as torture, domestic violence, etc. Bras and breasts are the least of our problems.

  • uglygeorge

    If there's anything that famed NYC cableTV star Ugly George can't stand, it's the degradation of Opera. It is well-known that when hot men go into a bar they are NOT looking 4 'booze & broads' but for hi-brow intellectualism like Opera. Bras degrade Opera & said UG is eternally gratified that the Milwaukee City council has NO civic problems & can spend the taxpayers' $$$ to support themselves whilst they debate this 'weighty' issue. Kind of restores my faith in Big Govt: where would Wisconsin be without Councilmen such as these…I ask you?

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