WATCH: Stroller falls onto Philly train tracks, mom jumps down to save baby

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PHILADELPHIA (PIX11) – A terrified mother and several bystanders jumped into action to save a baby after her stroller rolled off of a platform and onto some train tracks in Philadelphia.

In surveillance video you can see the stroller carrying the 14-month-old slowly roll away and drop onto the tracks while her mother is looking in the other direction. The woman immediately climbs down onto the tracks to rescue her.

She then hands her little girl up to a stranger who ran over to help on the platform. That’s when several others rush over to help her climb back up.

The train was held at the previous stop to ensure the pair were able to get up off the tracks safely.

The child was treated for cuts and bruises. Her mother has not been charged.

The whole ordeal only lasted 90 seconds. You can watch what happened in the video above.