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Florida man secretly gives girlfriend abortion pill, killing their unborn child

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A Florida man is charged with murdering his unborn child.

He admits to secretly slipping his girlfriend an abortion drug.

The chilling details are disturbing.

Cops say he switched labels on a pill bottle.

He told her it was an antibiotic.

Hours later she went into later and had an abortion.

By the way, he’s the son of a Tampa area fertility doctor.

He faces a possible life sentence if convicted.


    • mj56163

      ummm wow . that a horrible statement . think if this was your child . and just so u know florida doesnt have assistance thanks

    • AshleyBlydenburgh

      I HIGHLY doubt a son or grand child of a fertility doctor would need goverment assistance.
      Are you stupid?

  • Esco

    This is an interesting story, I'd like too see the legal conclusion to this situation and where it goes..

  • Kimberly Hall

    This guy should be put to jail and should face all the consequences of his action. He killed an innocent and unborn child. He could have just left the girl if he was not yet ready to be a father.

  • Chris

    Better to use double protection next time, condoms, birth control pills and how about a vasectomy for this guy who does NOT want to be a parent? Something he should seriously look into.

    • Chris

      Actually it would have been better for his pregnant girlfriend to have terminated the pregnancy when she first found out she was pregnant. Even if he left his gf, which he obviously did not want to do, he’d still be legally and financially responsible for his child until they turn 18. Something to think about, wear a condom, don’t be stupid!!!!

      • guest

        That is completely ridiculous and stupid. If this jackhole didn't want a child HE as a MAN should take the necessary steps to NOT produce one. Not slip his girlfriend a drug that she may have been allergic to and die from. This is a coward and your condoning with he did.

      • LaeLae

        I think the implication is the girlfriend wanted to have the child, being that there was no mention of her planning on having an abortion.

  • disgused

    I do not support abortion in ANY circumstance what so ever. I believe killing an unborn child is wrong rather it is done by the mother or the father of the child. But I am amazed how hypocritical our government is. We are encouraged to be prochoice and give women the right to kill their unborn child if they don't want to be responsible for it. The father does not have a say so in this situation even though it is just as much his child. Nothing at all happens to a woman if she wants to kill her unborn child. However if the father is the one that made the choice to abort the child he possibly faces life in prison? Really. I feel women should face the same consequence if they make this choice. They may be carrying the child but it is a completely separate human being.

    • Pamela

      I totally agree. If she would have had the abortion everyone would be spouting off about how it was her right… her body. But because he chose to abort the baby he could spend life in prison? What a two faced society we live in.

      • Lae Lae

        This is a serious discussion because like you HE felt he had a right to control HER body. This is not a pro life/pro choice argument, it is a Human and Women's rights argument tantamount to marital rape and intentional MURDER, risking not only the fetus but mother as well. Don't selfishly turn this into a fetal rights argument (which also is another way of dictating how a woman is to care for herself.) Had she made the decision to abort that would be within her rights, but that was not the case…AND HE WAS NOT THE PREGNANT ONE!

  • Bev

    So, let me get this right. It’s considered murder if you want the child, but if you don’t, then it’s okay? What is wrong with this picture?

    We are all grown up “fetuses”. Murder is murder.

    Our society is so freaking screwed up right now.

  • Alvin

    The women is dumb herself. If she's pregnant, why is she even taking antibiotic. Antibiotic is harmful to cells

    • LaeLae

      Have you EVER been pregnant? Doctors DO prescribe antibiotics if the mother has an infection during pregnancy. I had a kidney infection with my oldest daughter due to extreme morning sickness and had I not been treated with antibiotics and gone into full renal failure neither of us would be on this earth. He switched the labels, talk about victim blaming…..It's obvious your ignorant to any such subject.

  • Commonsenseplease

    We don’t know the whole story. If she claimed to be in birth control and wasn’t he had more right to kill this baby than she would have choosing abortion. His punishment should equal that of a woman’s who choses abortion anyway.

    • LaeLAe

      Please do me a favor and live up to your own name…..USE SOME PLEASE! Of all the misogynistic comments I've never read one more ignorant and narrow minded as yours, sir. Birth control has a fail rate *go ask your local GYN*, and regardless once she found out she was pregnant it was HER choice to abort or not…..He does not share in ANY of the physical labor required to produce the child and he also has the option of not being involved (as cold as it is to say) because the courts can not enforce parental involvement; straddling he mother with the majority of the emotional and economic stress of child rearing as well. He should absolutely be charged if at the minimum for assault for drugging her. You also have yet to factor in the mental scar of losing a wanted child. It is obvious he did it because she would not. Do not make excuses for this poor excuse for a human being. He does not deserve that.

      • The Truth

        There really wasn't anything misogynistic about the comment. He/She was simply stating that not the whole story was known due to the horrible article. I absolutely don't agree with drugging the mother period. He absolutely should be tried for charges on that count.

        On the other hand, I'm 100% pro abortion. I don't believe it's right to bring a child into this world without the ability to care for the child. Think about a world without financial assistance, where if you can't afford it, you live on the street. Why is that Okay? Why is it okay to bring a child into this world solely to suffer on the streets? I doubt you care about killing a virus or germ. You do it all the time. A fetus is about as mentally developed as a germ. Do you not cut your grass because your grass is a living, breathing organism? I think not.

        I just want to see where this case goes in the court of law. This has the potential to be real good abortion debate.

  • Not a Journalist

    I find it very difficult to believe that this article came out of a college-educated journalist. Tasmen, I don't know how much of your student loans you have left to pay, but I would suggest that you default. USF really screwed you bad, honey.

  • NOooooooo

    Hours later she went into later and had an abortion???? she went into later? wtf is that? I don't know anybody who has been into later. do you mean labor? that's not even a spelling error..


    How is this different from all of the other abortions? It's murdering a child. Who cares how it was done.

  • Thisistheinternet

    This comment isn't to anyone in particular, just sharing my experience and personal knowledge.
    To anyone out there who is completely against abortion, let me say something, I have travelled to not only impovished countries, but also places within the US where the poverty line is the living standard, and I have worked with these women, seen them, and even witnessed some women die because they do not have access to safe abortion procedures.
    I have seen the mental and physical scars of women who have been forced to bear children of rape, some women "do well" and love their child regardless, others do not.
    I have seen the financial and emotional struggle some young mothers go through. The unfortunate living conditions they raise their babies in, sometimes it ends in abuse and neglect.
    A child should not raise a child.
    Its never an easy decision to have an abortion, but I would rather our youths be educated on these matters instead of subjugated to lack of knowledge and choice.
    I only ask you that you think about the safety and well-being of the mother and unborn child before seeing things as one-sided. You may be against abortion, but who will look after the baby if the parents are unfit to. Will you? No. You only care about the well-being of the fetus, then once the baby is born, no one will take on the responsibility. I have seen this too many times in young men and women who decide against abortion and their children are taken away or simply live in an abusive household.

  • rationalthinker

    It is impossible to "murder" a fetus. A fetus is not a person until it can draw breath and is parted from the mother's body. Until that point, it remains a piece of the mother's body, and not a person.

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  • Rush

    Hahaha. Wow. So, he’s being charged with murder, yet if SHE decided to abort the child that is perfectly acceptable. Why isn’t he bring charged with assault on the woman? If they are regarding his actions as “murder” against the unborn child, then what? Does that mean the child has rights? That it is somehow protected in its unborn state? That if the mother chooses to “murder” the baby that is perfectly fine? I don’t understand this.

    • Fatty cat

      The woman is the carrying the fetus in her body. So as f¢#$ed up as it may seem that even if the Father sincerely wanted the child, it's ultimately up to the woman because it her body. If a man had to be pregnant for nine months maybe he'd have a different outlook.

  • Fatman

    It should be a crime but at the same time it can not be murder, abortion is legal/justified on the basis that a fetus is not alive, not a person and therefor incapable of being murdered.

    They will have to think of something better to charge him with or he is going to get off.

  • Me

    Ok so am I the only one who noticed the pills they showed were 30mg roxicet??(something I wasn’t exactly prepared to see nor did I want to for personal reasons). Not exactly an abortion pill and a really weird choice to show during this clip.

    With that said it is wrong he gave her those pills under false pretenses and I definitely don’t think it’s right. However, I do have to agree with some of u who are saying how is it ok for a woman to abort a baby against the fathers wishes, but not ok for the father to have a say in it? Again not saying what he did was right, bc it definitely wasn’t ….

    • Bruce

      he was not the one who had the unborn baby in his stomach the fact is only women can carry the baby to term in her body……men are not capable of producing the hormones needed to sustain a pregnancy……so thus its the woman's choice because of the fact it affects her body not the man's body………and besides he carried out the abortion without her permission by mislabeling the pills……that's practicing medicine without a license……….unlawful possession of medication without a license…..unlawful.possession of medication with the intent to distribute….attempted murder and murder of an unborn child that was not supposed to be aborted…….that's combined is punishable by life in prison without parole….I would rather he face the death penalty via the electric chair. and cut his balls and dick off

      • Bruce

        he made the decision to abort and that's why he is being charged with murder of an unborn child…..this is similar to a case where a woman and her unborn child was murdered in California that resulted in Mr. Peterson being sentenced to death…….

  • my name

    I’m curious about the involvement of the guys father. If he was involved he needs to loose his license to practice and go to prison.

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