Teen fans: Boston bomber ‘too beautiful to be terrorist’

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Thousands of teenage admirers are apparently crushing on Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, claiming the teen is innocent.

According to reports, they’re leading a social-media movement to exonerate the 19-year-old.

The teens do not believe Dzhokhar,who they’ve nicknamed “Jahar” and his brother, Tamerlan detonated the bombs at the Boston marathon, saying they’re “too beautiful to be terrorists.”

One 18-year-old insists Tsarnaev is innocent because the evidence against him doesn’t add up.


  • Billy

    All these "fans" should be kept under a close eye. If they adore terrorists, they may become terrorist.
    Stupid kids.

  • Ogyen Gonpo

    'Freedom of Speech' is good as well as bad like two sides of the coin. Teens in America can be dumb as these ones who just say things without giving a thought about the victims and their family feelings and what they went through. How can they say 'He is too cute or innocent to be terrorist'. They can come in various features. How can they be so dumb to think and say like this? If our future generation starts to think like this, there is something wrong with our system. Our system is too lenient in some ways where we give too much of freedom. It is scary to hear such things and thats how other countries take advantage of it. God Bless America !

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