Trenton hostage situation ends; suspect killed by police

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CNN – Police in Trenton, New Jersey stormed into a home early Sunday morning ending a tense, three-day stand-off.

This man identified as 38-year-old Gerald Tyrone Murphy was shot and killed by police.

Officials say Murphy took three children hostage Friday afternoon, ages 18, 16 and four.

Police say they were rescued and survived the ordeal, but their mother and 13-year-old brother did not.

Authorities found the two victims when they entered the home Sunday morning, authorities believe they will killed two weeks ago.

Trenton Police addressed the public on Sunday morning.

“When officers did not receive a response at the door, and fearing for the safety of the family, they made a forced entry into the home through a rear door and immediately smelled an order consistent with a decomposing body. The officers continued to engage Murphy in conversation and learned that he had three children barricaded in the room with him. Murphy also stated that he was armed with a gun and explosives,” said Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera.

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