Top 100 least-safe cities; shockingly New York NOT on the list

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Bloomberg brags about drop in NYC crime rate

(PIX11)– Everyday in New York City you hear about crime; murders, robberies, burglaries, rapes, stick ups, people getting mugged, stabbings, shootings and so much more.

So you ask yourself, are you safe?

Well there’s a list of the 100 least-safe cities in the country and surprisingly no New York State city or town made that list.

Most of the cities seem to be in the south and the western parts of the country.

Industry, California leads the pack with the number one spot.

Some of the cities closer to home include Camden, New Jersey at number 67 and Atlantic City at number 80.

To see the full list courtesy of, click here.



  • David DeVries

    The list is distorted. Some very unsafe cities do not appear on the list because their police departments fail to write reports about crimes or simply do not have the officers available to respond to a crime. Some cities have been found to have manipulrated the data by "underreporting" their crimes. As an example, a home burglary gets logged as a property damage complaint.

  • Evelyn

    There is no way Clover or Lancaster, SC are less safe than NYC lol. This list is ridiculous. Both Cover and Lancaster are little towns out in the boondocks.

  • Kay

    My daughter recently lived in Nashville for a job. She has been in NYC for 6 yrs previous, and I was far more worried about her safety in Nashville than I have ever been in NYC. Since 911, NYC is one of the most wired cities in the world. There are cameras on practically every building, and NYPD blues every 10 feet it seems. Nashville's crime rate is actually worse than the neighborhoods she has lived in NYC. Of course I am talking about Manhattan, not the Bronx. There are some Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn that have zero crime rates, because the men citizen patrol it all hours.

    My best friend has lived in one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Nashville for years, and break ins and ATM robberies have increased dramatically in the past five years. That being said, Nashville is a lovely city, but you just can't be naive about being out at night. I suppose that is true everywhere.

    I know my daughter feels safe to walk at night in her NYC neighborhood. I always see women and older children walking alone when I am there. NYC certainly still does have crime, though, especially the Bronx, etc. But just to show you how much better things are there than back in the 70's, NYC has over 8 million people in all the boroughs. Chicago has 2 and a quarter million, I think, and Chicago has twice the murder rate as NYC.

    But, yes I agree with both of you, the list is distorted and silly.

  • George Frump

    I wonder how much the tourism and convention folks in NYC had to pay PIX for this advertisement?

  • nate

    wow , glad the list didn't come out tomorrow as we here in new orleans just had a street shooting with 19 people shot.

  • Brad

    This is, at best, a very flawed list. Fruitport, Michigan is the third least safe city in America? Seriously? Have you ever been to Fruitport? I used to live nearby, in Roosevelt Park, and we were far more worried about driving around or through Muskegon Heights. There's far more crime in that area, far more robberies, far more break-ins. There haven't even been any murders in Fruitport since at least 2005! It's a very quaint, very quiet, very cool little town. I would happily live in Fruitport if the opportunity ever arose. In fact, many of the people I knew who lived in that town never even locked their doors, because they didn't honestly worry about whether or not someone was going to come walking in! There was no drug crime, no gang crime, and very little violent crime. That happened in Muskegon Heights and Grand Rapids. The police in that town, by and large, are bored out of their minds.

    This is one seriously flawed, if not totally bogus, list.

  • Mike

    Yeah the issue here is they use a per capita percentage. Of the top ten cities that I checked only 1 has more than 1000 residents. This is just another BS story to make NYC look like a wonderful place to live. I live not far from O.C., MD and Dewey Beach DE. These towns are tourist towns in the summertime. They have a HUGE influx of people during the summer. This is when most of the incidence take place. They shouldn't even be on the list.

  • Mary

    The list reflects, accurately I think (since I live here), that the gun-toting South is not a safe place to be, particularly with illegal drugs in abundance arriving across the border or by boat and being sold in the street. I'm not stupid enough to pack my own firepower-myself or someone in my own family is 2/3 more likely to be killed by my own gun than a "criminal!"

  • jim

    Who writes this stuff ? Its Bull ! The only thing that's correct is that NYC is safe. Especially Time Sq..

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