New Jersey man arrested for beating his 3-month-old son: cops

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PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY (PIX11)- A Plainfield man was arrested on Saturday and charged with beating his 3-month- old child nearly to death.

34-year-old Michael Bell Jr., is in jail now thanks to the collaborative efforts of The Union County Homicide Task Force, the New Jersey Transit Police Department and the Amtrak Police Department.

Bell was arrested near Penn Station in Newark as he tried to get out of town by bus.

He is charged with second degree aggravated assault after allegedly attacking his infant on Friday night.

Right now the man is being held without bail, pending more charges.

The infant is in grave condition at Robert Wood University Hospital with fractures and internal bleeding.


  • Trinity

    This poor excuse for a man… Needs to be beaten like he did to that poor innocent angel. I think this world has gone mad.
    What can a newborn baby do that can make you do something so awful. … I hope who ever is the D.A and the Judge is for that case… Will fry is evil punk ass to stake

  • Esco

    A three month old child? Was the kid supposed to learn anything from this beating?
    This guy sounds dangerous and has no business near a child of any age. I hope the infant pulls through, heals well and never has to see his "dad" again..!

  • Jerry

    Well he we go too spend money for jail too support this pieces of crap just take him out too Mexico and let the boys take care of him

  • cat hen

    I Often wonder what kind of life these kinds of 'people' had as a youngster.Some would say they were abused but what about mental illness.

  • christy

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