Lohan wants out; actress threatening to leave rehab

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(PIX11)– Lindsay Lohan says she has had enough of rehab.

The troubled actress is threatening to leave the Betty Ford Center because they will not give her Adderall.

After a doctors evaluation they decided she did not need the drugs, despite Lilo’s claim that she has ADHD.

In an interview with Piers Morgan earlier this month, the starlet opened up about her Adderall use saying she has ADD and that she cannot sit still.

Lilo says the drug calms her and does not affect her eating habits, like it typically does with other users.

The Betty Ford Center frowns upon giving the substance to anyone over the age of 15.

The actress demands to be moved to a less strict facility.



  • Squirrel

    She is in rehab, not at a spa vacation. The doctor's make the rules and she needs to shut up and live by them. She has proven to the rest of the world that she does not take responsibility for her actions, so that is why she is there.


    let her out and send her to JAIL, see if they give her the drugs…..GROW UP and face your DEMONS

  • E M Vickers

    The girl is an addict, of course she's unhappy to have drugs taken away. The judge may want to consider sending her to a hard core state mandated facility that works with the Department of Corrections. She may think Betty Ford Center is a great idea when reviewing those options. Or jail, if she'd prefer. She may kill herself or others if this isn't taken seriously. She has been given ridiculously upscale treatment. She's a low bottom addict & doesn't seem to know it.
    Lindsay, sobriety can be a really good thing. Try it.

  • KBC

    Denial. Denial. Denial. Narcissitic. Manipulative. Self absorbed. Sorry to say this but I don't think she's ever going to get better. One damaged human being.

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