Lionel: The mystery of the DHS ammo splurge

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One of the most underreported stories by the Ted Baxter sockpuppet echo chamber media is the massive purchase by your DHS of over 1.6B rounds of ammo in the last 10 months. Enough to equip a war in excess of 24 years. Why?

The MSM are reluctantly reporting on what should amaze and shock any vaguely sentient American. What’s with a 2M round ammo purchase for the SSA and Federal Fisheries? Wake up and be real: either there’s civil unrest coming or the Feds are buying up all the ammo.






  • Mil

    What’s gonna happen here? Are we going to see some crazy government takeover soon or what??!!

    • Nimadan

      What the Elite know, and the ordinary cops and sheeple don't, is that full-on economic collapse is coming, possibly this year. Southern Europe is already in a deep Depression, the rest of Europe is looking to follow, and then it will be our turn. Since it's inevitable, they are not going to try to stop it; rather they have adapted their plans to it. At an agreed-upon moment, they will trigger the Collapse themselves thus enabling them to protect their own assets, as well as gain maximum profit, both before and after the Event.

      For real economic info, not the crap the MSM dispenses, go to shadowstats_com. There is no "Recovery' and they know it.

      They also know how the urban underclass is going to react when the EBT cards fail. Regardless of their nominal political affiliation, the Elite do not believe the propaganda slopped out by the Official Parties, thus even supposed leftists like Hillary have a fairly realistic picture of how all of this is going to unfold. The big cities are going to become hell-realms and this in turn will be used to justify suspension of the Constitution and permanent martial law.

    • big T

      They technically already have taken over. It's just not "in your face" enough for the sleeping masses to realize it. We are heading into a nightmare completely planned by the psychopaths some 100 years ago. We have been carefully led by the nose, step by step, to a complete collapse into a full on tyranny.

  • D.C. Elliott

    Keep it up they're going to find out sooner or later better sooner than to late!!!

  • bys

    I feel like I am listening to someone from goodfellows—Is Lionel, Joe Pesci's alter ego? In regards to the ammo hoard—its obvious—if they have all the ammo, no one else can shoot at them….no risks when they swat team you for the now 100000000 of swattable infractions we commit daily.

  • Maxwell

    Obviously this is more ammo then the Agencies will ever need, Now we just need to figure out which Islamic Nation the Obama Administration is prparing to arm.

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