Fired anchor headed to Letterman

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His anchoring career may have ended quickly — and epically — but A.J Clemente is finding no shortage of camera time.

The fired anchor  — who infamously dropped the F-bomb on air on his first day anchoring KFYR News in North Dakota — will appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Wednesday night.

KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe

Cursing on the air was possibly the best thing that happened to A.J. Clemente.

Clemente’s nervous flub is turning him into talk show gold as the out-of-work anchor is making the rounds on various TV shows.

He appeared on “Live! With Kelly & Michael,” where he was offered a job covering the red carpet of Pierce Brosnan’s new movie “Love Is All You Need.”

On the “Today” show, Clemente told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie that watching the now viral clip is “gut wrenching.”

Clemente has started his own hashtag — #teamAJ — in the hopes that retweets will help him find a new job.

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