DA to make announcement 7 years after Bronx toddler killed in gang crossfire

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The Pacheco family has already seen two men tried and acquitted for the murder of two-year-old David Junior back on Easter Sunday 2006.

But Thursday, the Bronx District Attorney will unseal a new indictment in the case, the next step forward for a family still searching for closure.

It’s been more than 7-years since Joanne Sanabria-Pacheco called for her son’s killer to be brought to justice after he was shot in his car seat on Easter Sunday.

Two-year-old David Pacheco and his family were headed to celebrate the holiday when they were caught in the middle of a gang shootout on West Tremont and Harrison Avenues back in 2006.

A single bullet pierced the door of the families mini-van hitting the toddler in the chest.

Police quickly arrested Nicholas Morris in connection to the shooting, but dropped the charges after his gun did not match the murder weapon and a witness gave a different description of the shooter.

But family and friends still have not given up hope of finding the shooter.

Each Easter they return to the crime scene to hold a vigil in memory of David.

And according to reports, it was one day before this year’s anniversary that Joanne Pacheco heard from investigators claiming they had new leads.

Thursday we expect to find out exactly what those leads were.

Although Thursday’s announcement is expected to provide new hope for the Pacheco family, there is also some anxiety.

David’s mother has said going to court years ago was nerve-racking and painful.