MIT officer laid to rest as transit cop fights to stay alive following Boston shootout

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BOSTON (PIX11) — There are new details about the transit officer who was shot Thursday night during the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspects.

Richard Donahue remains on a ventilator but he is able to wiggle his toes and squeeze his wife’s hand, according to his doctors.

They also revealed that Donahue had to be resuscitated after his heart stopped from severe blood loss — a result of getting shot in his thigh.

Donahue, a 3-year department vet, was responding to a call for assistance.

Also, it was recently discovered that officer Donahue and the MIT officer that was killed during a shootout during the same manhunt, had a connection.

Transit Police Officer Richard Donahue, photographed on the left, and MIT campus police officer Sean Collier graduated from the Police Academy together.

The two were involved in separate incidents with the bombing suspects.

Authorities say shortly after the FBI released the suspects’ photos, the two brothers killed officer Collier while he sat in his car.


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  • tartofdarkness

    Thank you for the update on Officer Donahue. He seems too often to be treated as an unimportant footnote to this story when he is a hero for responding to a call for assistance and taking action against the two suspects. Please keep the story of his condition to the front. Many thoughts and blessings are sent his way.

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